Question: Why Is My Phone Stuck On The Startup Screen?

How do I fix my Motorola phone stuck on boot and reboot?

Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons for 10-20 seconds.

The device will restart and go through the boot-up sequence.

Note: The forced restart does not delete any data stored on the phone.

The last option is to factory reset the device..

Why is my phone stuck on Android is starting?

You can simply try clearing the cache. you can press the volume up+ power button and select wipe cache partition. once wiped, then try hard resetting the phone. … Also, try booting the phone in safe mode to ensure the problem is related to software and not a hardware component.

How do I fix my phone stuck on Bootloop?

Press and hold both the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons. Do this for about 20 seconds or until the device restarts again. This will often clear the memory, and cause the device to start normally.

Why is my phone stuck on the Apple screen?

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the Volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button. Keep holding the Volume down button until you see the recovery mode screen. iPhone 6s and earlier: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button.

Why my phone is restarting again and again?

Check for the Corrupted Apps Delete 2-3 apps in one go, then restart your phone, and check if the problem is gone. If the issue persists even after deleting the suspected apps, try “Factory Reset”. Factory Reset is the ultimate solution if the “Phone Keeps Restarting” issue is caused by any bad app or software.

Can bad battery cause Bootloop?

A low battery can very easily cause a bootloop. The bootloop is being caused by low power, not corrupt files. Wiping your phone is a waste of time.

Why does my phone have a black loading screen?

A hard reset forces your iPhone to quickly turn off and back on. When your iPhone crashes, freezes, or gets stuck on a spinning wheel, a hard reset can get it to turn back on. … iPhone 7: Simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the power button until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears.

How do I fix my android stuck on startup screen?

Step 1: Booting your Android device in ‘Download’ mode is paramount for fixing the Android stuck in the boot screen issue. Here is the process to do so. For ‘Home’ button enabled device – Turn off the tablet or mobile and then press the ‘Volume Down’, ‘Home’, and ‘Power’ keys for 10 seconds.

Why is my phone stuck on boot screen?

Check by Charging Device Sometimes, an android phone stuck on the boot screen might just have a low battery. If the battery of a phone is low enough, the phone won’t boot and will be stuck in the boot screen. Plug the phone in and let it get some power before you start the phone.

How do I fix my phone if it wont boot?

Steps to Try When Your Android Won’t BootSoft Reset. Your device might need a soft reset. … Pull the Battery (if possible) … Check for Stuck Buttons. … Remove Connected Hardware. … Ensure Device Has Enough Power. … Start in Safe Mode. … Factory Hard Reset. … Repair.

How do you do a hard reset?

Press and hold the Power button, then press the Volume Up button while still holding the Power button. Using the Volume buttons highlight Wipe data/factory reset. Press the Power button to select the option. Confirm by selecting Yes and let the phone do its thing.

Why my phone is on safe mode?

When in safe mode, your Android temporarily disables any third-party applications from running. It’s likely your Android encountered an app error, malware, or some other operating system blip. Safe mode can also be a way to diagnose any problems with your Android.

How do I get out of boot loop?

Performing a soft reset is the first thing most people do when their Android phone is stuck on the Samsung logo and it’s most likely the first thing YOU should do as well. If you don’t know what a soft reset is, it’s when you hold the power button until your phone shuts off then you turn it back on.